Our Agile Provider Profiling Platform™ offers on-demand access to an integrated warehouse of de-identified, patient-level medical claims on a fully partitioned, metered-access, annual subscription basis.

PurpleLab offers transparent, value-based pricing. In operating this way, PurpleLab is disrupting the market. We believe that access to this data and these reports are going to become increasingly available through a variety of vendors big and small. Prices will start to come down as small, nimble players enter the market. PurpleLab intends to lead in this area with a platform that enables users to buy answers to the business questions they have today with ongoing subscription-based access that enables them to get answers to the business questions they have tomorrow. User’s can buy what they need, when they need it in a fair and transparent manner.

Subscription costs vary based on a variety of parameters that include how much value you will derive and how much access to the data warehouse or standardized query and report templates you require. Parameters include:

  • User’s Business:
    • Business Type (Life Science, Payer/Provider, Services or Research)
    • Business Size (less than $25 million versus $5 billion plus)
  • User’s Needs:
    • Numbers of Clinical Groups or Therapeutic Areas
    • Types of Query and Report Templates
    • Range of geographic coverage
    • Types of Providers Reported on (HCPs and/or HCOs)
    • Numbers of Users
  • Subscription Term:
    • One year versus multiple years (1 through 7 year contract options)

Our pricing calculator enables you to calculate subscription costs. PurpleLab’s platform allows users to run their projects to see samples of answers to their actual business questions on a “try before buy” basis. Users will only incur subscription fees when they are satisfied that PurpleLab’s Agile Provider Profiling Platform™ will provide value.

We never want you to be at a trade show only to realize that your provider profiling “partner” priced provider profiling data to  “what you could bear” rather than priced to what is “transparent and fair”.  PurpleLab has built a platform that enables us to know where we need to be on price to offer value to our user’s while still making a fair profit.

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