Studies demonstrate an inverse relation between volumes of surgical procedures performed in hospitals and related mortality.

Major Findings: While there are low-volume hospitals that provide excellent care and high-volume hospitals that provide relatively poor care, numerous studies confirm that patients undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) surgery by a low volume HCP provider or at a low volume HCO provider have a significantly higher risk of mortality compared to patients undergoing […]

Risk Readiness

Ultimately, what PurpleLab enables is to understand which providers are ready and able to manage the “risk” they will incur under value-based reimbursement programs such as “bundling”. As reimbursement models shift from Fee-For-Service to “Bundling”, risks shift from the payers to the providers. PurpleLab provides a “lense” over each provider’s (HCP, HCO Group and HCO […]

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