Our cloud-base, multi-tenant Medical Terminology API enables centralized management of fundamental reference information covering clinical, claim, and provider domains.  Take full advantage of semantic harmonization and reasoning across vocabularies and databases to achieve interoperability, compliance, and operational efficiency.  No medical linguistics expertise is required for business users to search, find, edit or build from scratch relevant concept groups (i.e., value sets) that power Clinical Quality Measures (CQM), Machine Learning (ML) or Natural Language Processing (NLP) queries and applications.

Unified Access To A Vast Repository

How does your organization recognize semantically similar exposures, events, encounters and episodes across disparate source systems (e.g., clinical and claims), across different vocabularies that comprise different concepts or codes? Our Medical Terminology API makes the complex simple by enabling exhaustive identification of records, patients or providers by the exposures, events, encounters and episodes that define your search criteria. Browse, select, copy and edit or use our administrative console to build your own semantically aligned concept groups (i.e., value sets) from scratch.  We have pre-built thousands of validated, semantically aligned concept groups which are offered as a content layer within our Medical Terminology API.

Access the universe of medical terminology.  We help you systematically govern and manage your medical terminology reference data as organizational assets.








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HealthNexus™ Services  

Your organization and those dependent on you deserve a single source of truth across an array of disparate terminologies and concepts or codes.  Let our services group help your organization implement sound data governance strategies that lead to semantic harmonization and reasoning which enables accurate clinical and claim analytics. Our services are arranged around the content (e.g., Governance, Content Advice and/or Content Authoring) and the integration of our platform and content within your systems and environments.

HealthNexus™ Base

API tier limited to 10,000 calls per month with annual subscription-based access to:
  • Read Only REST API & swagger documentation
  • Admin Console
  • Standard Domains, Vocabularies & Concepts

HealthNexus™ Premium $$ 

API tier limited to 25,000 calls per month with annual subscription-based access to Base Package plus:
  • Read & Write REST API & swagger documentation
  • Admin Console
  • Includes content layer including 100,000 pre-built “validated” & “curated” Concept Groups
  • Tenant-specific ability to create Concept-to-Concept relationships, Concept Groups and Concept Group-to-Concept Group Relationships

HealthNexus™ Enterprise $$$ 

API tier based on unlimited calls per month with annual subscription-based access to Premium Package plus:
  • Access to Omics Domains, Vocabularies & Concepts & Content
  • Access to Episode Modeler

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