PurpleLab enables you to profile the census of individual (HCP) and organizational (HCO Group Practices and HCO Facilities) healthcare providers based on their medical claims histories.

We provide on-demand access to our integrated warehouse of patient-level medical claims through our Agile Provider Profiling Platform™.  This cloud-based software platform gives non-programmer, business-users the ability to develop complicated queries and access reports showing peer-to-peer comparisons of healthcare provider performances.  Custom, user-specific projects take minutes to develop execute within 1 hour.

PurpleLab has “curated” 4 query and report templates for purposes of answering the most often-asked provider profiling questions.  “Agile” provider profiling is about us providing you a big head start with our standardized query and report templates along with tools to rapidly customize them to your specific business needs.  Our multimodal processing back-end architecture allows everything to execute quickly, so successful projects execute fast and mistakes are encountered quickly, rectified and re-run.  Iterations take hours and not days or weeks.  When optimized your projects can be scheduled to update automatically.

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